Got a call from the oldest from the high school, early out come pick me up please. So I drive down there and run into 1000+ students leaving at the same time also, needle in a haystack time. Comms are a very important thing to have and they are very useful for when you need them. What I have done is gone with very in-expensive FRS type radios, they are cheep and have good local range and fit tight in with what I want them to do. We now have a standing family rule that a radio goes with them where ever they go, they are so small that you barely notice them, most of the time they reside in the backpacks of my kids and if there is a special event or some change in the daily program and need to be picked up they know to turn them on. Now some of the pro's is that they are cheep, no monthly contract and they will work with the power off (grid down). The drawbacks are that privacy is limited at best as is range also, the range is always shown under ideal conditions and real world range varies and is always less. Either way this can be a powerful tool to add to your arsenal of tricks.......Scott

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