Question, Why do i need a BOB

     While going over a yahoo group today someone asked why they would need a BOB, As you can imagine there will be many answers to this question. Below in red is in basic terms of how I responded.

OK now I've been pondering this question for a while.  Why would I bug out?

Bugging out should be an option and should be planned for, there may just be an event to where your house is just not going to be a safe place, it is like comparing it to the old analogy of having all your eggs in one basket. The bigger issue is actually making the decision to go, your home is home base it is where you are best stocked and most comfortable and under most circumstances the best place to be, but outside events such as certain weather or man caused event such as rioting, disease, fire, Govt telling you so.... There can be many reasons to have to leave.

I'm in rural Vermont. About the only weather related emergency we have is ice/snow storms.  In that situation there is no way I am going anywhere. I'm safer here.

True,  that is what most people would do, as long as they have the supplies to do so for an extended period of time, food, water and heat. If you run out of those then what, you might have to leave if you can or you need to be re-supplied. Communications will be key.
What do I need a bug out bag for? Now we do have emergency supplies in case we aren't here when an emergency hits (for the car) that includes first aid supplies, etc.  Plus we have a tent, sleeping bags, water bottles, first aid kits, solar water purifier, etc. in case we should want to leave the house for a short period of time during good weather.  Not sure exactly why I'd want to do that but I figure just in case....

Having the BOB for the car is a good thing as long as it is your car that you get to bug out in, what if the car for some reason is not available and you have to go on foot, thats where the personal BOB comes in, while not as good as what you have in the car it is better than nothing.
What is the purpose of me having supplies purposely for bugging out?  We are "sheltering in place" if there is any type of emergency.  We have the supplies & property here to do that.

Covered in the above but again there are just times when you have to go.
Someone want to share some ideas? I see so many people talking about these bug out bags but I can't figure out why exactly I'd want one?

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