Wind, Rain and Where Do You Want The Lights

     OK folks for those of you wanting an additional cabin update I am sorry to disappoint but mother nature was not in a cooperative mood today so we were not able to get up more of the metal roofing. It never fails that you get all set up to do something and the weather just will not cooperate, that works with a lot of things. So on that note we jumped back into electrical and we got started on the mechanical hallway lighting, nothing special there just two round lighting boxes one for in front of where the washer and dryer will go and the other in the bay where the water boiler and pumps will go. Next we roughed in the lighting for the living room and having previously argued with the elders on " what do you want " several times I removed the decision and did it my damn way which equates to a central ceiling fan box surrounded eight lighting boxes, that should cover everything and then some. I have not included any pictures today because I am sure everyone is tired of a box int he ceiling with wires hanging out of it but if anyone really want one to put the above into context I will oblige.

Thanks all,

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BadVooDooDaddy said...

Yep, old mother nature has her own agenda. Too bad you were not able to get the roofing on. Electrical is a pain in the butt to me but it all needs done. Hope you get a chance soon to finish the roof.

Scott R said...


Evening Bad yeah mother nature caught us with our pants down today, we had a sheet of two from the stack go flying, never fails. As for the electrical I am a controls electrician and I absolutely hate residential wiring ( too Boring ), I would rather dig a hole but like you said it has to get done, It will get better when I start the solar part of the project. Appreciate you stopping by.

JIM said...

There are times when Nature just laughs at us !! I am so envious of people like you that can build things. It amazes me. Give me a camera or the kitchen I am all set tell me to build a book case I am lost.

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