Cabin Update: Main Floor T&G WIth A Twist.

 Well Playtime is over and we are back to the cabin project, we have a time issue on our borrowed scaffolding so we had to jump on the main roof T&G. The original thoughts were to run the T&G parallel with the logs but with the logs being all natural they do not like to have a straight line next to them and when we put up the first two pieces we hated it so down it came and we went roughly 45 Degrees to the logs and it is turning out much better and we are going to stick with it. On the next lower section we will be reversing the pattern to make a zigzag, it should be interesting.
 Here is another angle from the ground, while we were up in the air we also go the logs wired for the two chandelier's and the fan that will go in the middle, also out of view is the location for the smoke detector. In the left hand beam we also have two light drops that will go over the island,
 For insulation we are using an R-30 and above that we are using 1" Styrofoam that is just below the flange and leaves a 7/8'S gap for the ventilation to the ridge vent.
Some dumb guy doing insulation work, the BCI's are on 24" centers so it actually goes pretty fast. As always questions and comments are welcome so please do not hesitate and you can also see previous post's of this build on the update page here.


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Anna L. Walls said...

45 degrees sounds like it's own nightmare - I'd have thought of 90 degrees first myself but it does look nice and the zigzag aught to be really nice.

Scott R said...

Hi Anna, actually by doing it at a rough 45 we did not have to worry about how it looked in relationship to the log, we had some up at a 90 and it just looked like it was running off at an odd angle because the log tapers. I think this was is actually easier because it disconnects it from the log and there is no clear line that doesn't look wrong and it is also a lot easier to scribe the end in to the log with the shorter end piece, but I tell ya I am glad I only have to do this once, lol. Appreciate you stopping by Anna and you have a great day.


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