Cabin Update: Data, Insulation and T&G

    Great day today as we had our first order of Tongue & Groove show up as well as the balance of our 4x8x1 sheets of Styrofoam. We also got out 44 bags of batts insulation in as well (R-11, R-19 and R-30) Needless to say that was a royal pain carrying almost half that insulation up two flights of stairs but it is all worth it.
 Here is a closer view of the T&G, what you see here is 1x6x16 and it is 1,500 square feet. I can't wait to install this material and we will be starting tomorrow as soon as we install a few more bags of batts insulation. We haven't decided on what color stain as of yet but it will most likely be a very light one. This T&G will be for the ceilings and we are also going to play around with it and see if we can find a nice pattern to use for the walls, drywall is strictly verboten here on this project and I totally agree as right now there is not one single piece here at all.
 We have also started pulling the data lines that will be for the satellite, internet as well as future telephone. The wire we are using is RG-6 for the satellite, Cat-5E for the internet ( we will also use wireless ) and CAT-3 for the telephone. We are running 2 of each to all three bedrooms and to the entertainment room on the first floor, we will also have a few other lines scattered to a few other areas but some locations have not been picked as of yet.

Kind of a bad picture here but this is one location where we will have an internet and telephone jack, across the room will be the RG-6 for the television.

Finally after we unloaded the truck and got some of the insulation up to the 3rd floor we dug right in and burned through about 4 bags of insulation (R-19 in the walls and R-30+4 in the ceiling) we still have a little to go but we will be working on the T&G but mid morning hopefully. As always if there are any questions or thoughts please feel free to comment and I will get back to you. You can also see additional posts on this cabin on the UPDATE PAGE.


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BadVooDooDaddy said...

Its looking real nice so far. Great job.

Mayberry said...

I'm so sick of drywall and popcorn ceilings... Looks great Scott!

Scott R said...

BadVooDooDaddy, Thanks, it's getting there slowly and all the little things can drive you batty. Appreciate the visit.

Hi Mayberry, yeah it was decided very early to have not one scrape of that crap here so that pretty much made wood the only option even at 84cents a square foot but it will look great. Thank You for stopping by Mayberry.

Roy said...

Lookin good Scott Movin right along.

Roy said...

Hmmmm looks good Scott


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