Cabin Update: T&G Wall's and Ceiling

 Well the ceiling for the west bedroom is up and it is going to look very nice when it is trimmed and stained. This stuff is so much nicer than drywall and it add instant value 42 cents a square foot is well worth it.

We finally picked a pattern for the walls, we went with horizontal down to about forty inches from the deck and then we transitioned to a vertical but we went to the eight inch material that we also ordered. 

Here is a close up of the transition point and as you can see on the horizontal the tongue is down so where we transitioned to the vertical Piece I cut in a groove to accept the tongue to lock it in and it works very nice.

There is also an east bedroom and I am thinking about adding in some other accent pieces or designs so If anyone out there has any thoughts or ideas leave me a comment and ya never know.....

Have a good evening everyone.

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What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

We did one room once with the wood at a diagonal. It looked great and made the room look larger. Your project is looking great. It's been fun to watch it come together.


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