Storm To Touch 23+ States and Over 150 Million People

     This weekend will bring a massive storm that will touch upon almost half of the population of the United States and cover just under half of the country. Are you Prepared?

     Beginning Sunday and going through Monday night A storm cell from our southern border all the way to the north will move from west to east and will bring with it a combination of rain, hail, lightning and for some places snow. I can tell you that I am already feeling the effects of this storm with wind gusts of 40 to 50 MPH and I have some snow on the way, that is my area.

     For yourselves I would highly recommend that you plug into your local and national weather sources to see how your area may or may not be effected by this fast moving storm, After that you may wish to do a self evaluation of your stores at home to determine if you may be ready, you do not want to be that person that has to rush to the store and either fight the crowds of find empty shelves. This happens every time mother nature decides she wants whip things up on us.

     Do you have your basics covered, below is a basic check list to go over:

  • Food:  4 to 5 day supply of food that does not need to be refrigerated or need to be cooked.
  • Water: Have a few cases on hand or 2 liter bottles work well also.
  • Shelter: Is your home livable without power if it goes out? Do you have an alternate location to go to?
     Ancillary items:
  • Flashlights, batteries, AM/FM, weather alert radio.
  • Full tank of fuel for your vehicle
  • Prescription medicine, eyeglasses, woman's sanitary needs
  • Cell phone and extra battery and car charger
  • Good supply of warm clothes 
     A list can go on to the tens of hundreds of items and you should tailor it to your individual and family needs as well as the situation that may come your way, No list is ever complete and it will change as your needs change but the basics remain the same, Food, Water and Shelter.


     It would be greatly appreciated if those of you who read this would please pass it along especially in the weather related case, Thank you.

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Roy Durham said...

been snowing here in northern Utah scene thrsday and it is snowing now.

Healing Morning said...

Scott, I'm in East TN and we're expecting the really bad stuff to hit around 6pm. Tornado watch is in effect from now until 9pm tonight. I'll repost your blog on my wall. Hope you're in a safe area & that you make it through the weekend okay. :)

~ Dawn

Scott R said...


You be careful up there, we don't have any snow here yet but we have a very nasty wind that is gusting pretty hard. Appreciate you stopping by.


I am all too familiar with the tornado issues from my time living in Indy, thank you for the re-post and you be safe yourself. Thanks Dawn

JIM said...

I'm in Florida and I guess it will not hit us. Have family in New England. Thanks for the information

Scott R said...

Hi Jim,

The storm is supposed to be pretty wide, North to South so you will most likely make it through fine, New England will get hit I am sure and I have family there as well ( I was hatched there ). Jim thanks for stopping by.

BadVooDooDaddy said...

Yeah It is already snowing and raining here in Utah, We have had a lot of water over the past few days and it has been unseasonably cold so far too.

Don said...

It just points out the need for being completely prepared. Thereis a much more dangerous storm brewing in Washington D. C. that most are paying no attention to!

What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

Besides having cases of water, we have two two-gallon and two five-gallon Rubbermaid water jugs that we keep filled with water at all times. Instead of the kids drinking water out of the faucet they drink out of these. If the power goes out, they don't have to change their routine. Makes it easy on everyone.

chinasyndrome said...

Scott,I have been out and about all day,so thanks for the heads up!


Scott R said...


I hear ya we have had very harsh wind all day and not we are into some snow, it is those in the east who I fear will get the worst of it. Thanks for stopping by and congrats on the new project.


Mother nature is always the best reason to be prepared but I will agree with you 110% we do have a huge problem brewing from D.C. and very few see it or even care. Thank you Sir for stopping by.

What IF,

I agree and I do use the 5 gallon myself and they do have a place, I think the only down fall with them is at that size you start to get into portability issues if you have to leave, other than that they are great. Appreciate you stopping by, I also left a comment for you on your extension cord repair.


Anytime, keep your eyeballs pealed as this is going to be a one - two punch storm and you should see another one tomorrow so watch your 6. Thanks for making it by.

Anonymous said...

april showers bring on may flowers; assuming anything is left by may...

either you are prepared or not....tough shit if you are not...

do you agree?



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