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     Thought, we all know that skills is what really matters, yes gear makes a difference but it can only do so much for you. It is hard to buy say a gardening skill, or some type of construction skill or even an electrical skill or medical skill. Your skill sets take time, it's hard to get around that but you have to have them.

     So my question for you readers is there some gear or equipment that you would really like to have is either not made or is made so crappy that you wouldn't want it,  or is there some combination of items that you would like that is all in one?

     Items could be something like a flashlight that takes 3 or 4 different size batteries and work or an all purpose generator that is bullet proof so to speak.

     I would love to hear any ideas you folks might have no matter how corny it might be to you because it might be something someone else has really been looking for. Thanks


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Joel said...

Gear I wish existed, just to satisfy problems I have everyday:

Deep-cycle batteries that don't have the maintenance problems of lead-acid or the cost of everything else.

A bicycle motor (electric) or engine (gasoline) that will climb hills without shredding the clutch or rattling itself to pieces in a month of unpaved "roads." And that has a serious fuel range. Also, a bicycle with some sort of shock absorption that doesn't cost as much as a space shuttle.

A backhoe you can mount on a Jeep.


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