Colony seaseon 2 episode 7

     Day 40
     Well the show starts out with security issues, This kinda chaps by backside in that it was not a bigger issue in the first few days of the show, is sure as heck would be in a real event. Anyway the group decides to put a watch tower on top of their building, it seems to give them a pretty good view with the exception of one corner. In the construction of the tower stairs they almost have a major accident in that while pulling the stairs up the building the ropes break, had everyone not been out of the way for the most part someone could have been killed versus only a little scratch. Think before you lift. Now if the group will man this tower like they should it would minimize being snuck up on by the outsiders. The show also starts off with the mystery observer getting into position for observation, more on the mystery man later. 

     Food seems to also be an always present issue for the group also as they are down to about 2 cans and some misc other foodstuffs, next to your water supply food is very high up on the list and this group really does not have a stable food supply and never will due to the show and available resources. Farming and livestock would be the answer but it is not a reality for this show, minor small game, fish and scavenging is about all that can be hoped for in this experiment. In a real situation you would have the opportunity to venture further out for food collection if it were safe but again due to the circumstances..... The lack of food seems to also be the reason for some of the tension in the group and it shows that people can and will get ugly when they don't eat  Take any ones food away for a day or 3 and see how nasty we can be, we have taken for granted a great many things in this world. We have a standard of living ( in some countries ) that is unparalleled in modern history and to take our "conveniences" away would mean holy hell, never mind the fact that most people simply do not know how to do for themselves anymore.

     One of the other new projects for this week and possible escape vehicles is the boat that is on site. While lacking an engine, controls, fuel and who knows what else the want to go for it. The group wants to modify this boat into an air boat with the airplane engine that they have and make the air rudder out of the section of the wing that they also have, it could work. The big issue is in the fuel that they need, high octane aviation fuel is not something they will find in their area so they decide to make a still ( do you have your BATFE license ) I had to throw that in there. A simple still was made with a tank and some pipe and tested with water, not the best or worst but it will be interesting to see if it all works out. First though they mix a tub of water, sugar and yeast, I do not think they have too many chances to screw up with supplies being limited as they are.

     The team is also tested this week with a pregnant lady but in the end it ends up as a rouse to take attention away from a group that tries to sneak in and steal supplies. Food and supplies are demanded by the invaders but none are given but a gallon of water, the group really did not have anything to give anyway so it worked out but in reality these situations can be very dangerous. In giving away supplies it can hard to draw the line between charity and keeping what you have so that you can survive.

Day 41

     In other boat news the group also decided to put a little time and labor into a much smaller boat in hopes of doing a little investigating of the area, good idea but I would have liked to see them do this a little earlier in the show also as it might have helped out. Stress is also again showing it's head as the name given to the boat but one of the workers causes infighting. It is just a name people you have bigger fish to fry.

     The group also decides to try some fried cockroaches and find that they actually like them to a point, protein, protein and more protein. This would not be something you would want to live on and besides how many would it take to fill you up?

Day 42

     Day 42 starts off with a search for food and they decide to collect the berries that are around and that leads into a fight about one person not pulling their weight in the collection, Hello you don't help collect food then you don't eat in my book, no free lunch here. Anyway to me that part is just a little filler time the important event of the day is again the total abysmal failure of their security as mystery man ( tick) walks right into the groups area, right past a member to deliver a note in the middle of their compound and does not get seen until he is already out of their area, it just defies stupidity in that they have invested time into their tower and yet someone can still just walk right in and do whatever they want. I just can't say enough about having someone watching your back especially in a situation such as theirs. In this case though (tick) has good intentions ( well maybe ) and his note that he left was an invitation for dinner at his place, hungry stomachs override the brain and they decide to check it out and they actually do something smart and leave people to watch their building. During the meal everyone feels semi comfortable with the exception of one and the rest of the group is called for and that's where they get stupid, leaving your front door wide open in the bad part of town is just asking for it right? so why would you leave your building unguarded? that's when i would have hit it. End result of the evening is that everyone is fed, fat and happy and Tick is asked to join the group, wow what a little food will do to soften you up, this could have been a great trap ( and could still be ) but tick decides to think on it and the night is over.

Day 43

     Well as expected Tick shows up and decides to join the group, with his military experience and hunting experience he will be an excellent addition to the group, hopefully security will improve dramatically. Tick (per the show) has been living among the group for quite some time and in a way knows the group and their problems so it should be interesting to see if he can steer the group to the final finish line in 7 days.

     Curious event in the end of the show in that a phone rings while part of the group is out Guess who.....It's VOPA.......see ya next week.


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