Log cabin weekend update

      Saturday turned out to be a very slow day like today so we did not get to anything spectacular, we had lots of little things to do that were not really worth taking a picture of. The following pics are of both Sat and Sun. We did manage to get the last wall up but we made a mistake on the overlap and had to cut out the window prematurely as you can see to fix the seam "damn it Jim I am an electrician not a carpenter" comes to mind.
      Inside section of the last wall, you can also see the pocketing that we had to do for the log, this is where the roof line will change due to the enlarged dormer section.
      Another view and here you can see the two other pocket locations for the logs that we will put in on Monday, the last ridge beam will also go in but the pocket for that one is not in yet.
      This view is from the scaffolding at the front of the cabin.
      View down, this area will be all open and be a living room/ dining area.
     Another view of the open area, part of the kitchen will be to the right.

As always if you have any questions chime in and I will answer what I can of it..

If any of you have a chance I am posing a question for the readers here on the site. HERE


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