Log cabin update roof sheeting section 2

       Finally clear skies and warm weather. We got the lower section of the roof completed ( minus the metal ) decking but that's ok we really wanted to just get it closed in to keep the weather out.
     Our BCI's rest on the log's and they fit nice, after we insulate we will be adding 1X6 T&G to the bottom of the BCI's. The goal here is to have no wall or ceiling that has drywall at all. Ugly stuff and it is not wanted.     
      It is getting a little dark in here, this is with half of  the roof done, I think some temp lights are in order.

Semi final product of the day. we will continue the roof out the front after we build the deck out the front and support the 5 logs that you see coming out the front. The decking will start just below the logs right where it turns to the block wall, it will be 8' all the way around.


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chinasyndrome said...

Right on Bro,getting closer.



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