Log cabin Roof update for Thursday

      Aright, due to some changes that we made with respect to the main ridge beam we were able to start the roof over the dormer section, OUTSTANDING. We upgraded from 2X8 to 11-7/8 BCI, this material is so much lighter and actually stronger to work with.
      A view from the second floor, we still have the pocket to make for the ridge beam, that will get done when our crane shows up, if it shows up.
     The biggest problem today was with the damn wind, I would have rather been rained on vs. the wind but after not being able to get anything done for 2 days we were determined to get the BCI's in. Tomorrow we are going to sheet the roof and hopefully we will not have any wind, handling 4X8 sheets is not something I want to do in windy conditions. More tomorrow.

As always if you have any questions chime in and I will answer what I can of it..

If any of you have a chance I am posing a question for the readers here on the site. HERE


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