Colony season 2 episode 5

     Day 17 starts off with the kidnapping of the model by 3 very large individuals, she has no chance at all to fight them off, while this is happening everyone else is working with loud power tools and she can not be heard screaming. Apparently a rule was broken in that no one was supposed to go off by themselves.  No one to help you if you get hurt, no one to help watch your back, going out by yourself is a big no no. The abductors took full advantage of this lone group member and caught her quick and took her to jail, really. Becka was placed inside part of an old jail to stew out her 24hr captivity, personally I hope she thought hard on her stupidity in venturing out alone. So the long and short of it is that she is being ransomed for fuel and medical supplies, this is a situation that you never want to be caught up in ever.

      On the windmill front they started the assembly and right off the bat I wanted to yell at them for cutting down the pole that they were going to use all because they didn't have a ladder. Hello, you can build a windmill but you can't build a ladder, give me a break. Down comes the pole and the cut about 4 feet off of it, the reason why I disagree with this is that the higher you have your windmill the better it will perform, windmills like height. On the actual construction they put part of their newly acquired airplane fuselage to good use. The windmill needed a tail fin and the plane provided that part perfectly, heck it even looks good. The blade assembly is made from a wheel drum with with fence boards for the blades, the diameter looks to be about 10 to 12 feet. They should catch some good wind with this and hopefully it makes up for it being so short and in the turbulence of the building, time will tell. For the assembly of the blades the group found some copper piping and they made rings that they fished through the boards, this looks like pretty good for what it is and for the available material. My biggest concern still it the reduction gearing that they used, I think it might be on the light side and be an issue at high speed and that leads into the other problem in that they have no over speed brake and if they get a good storm, well you know. Overall in the end they did manage to get the unit running and it is putting out power that they do need.

      For the last part of the show it was time for the exchange of Becka for the supplies that were called out for in the ransom note, fuel and medical supplies. Come time for the actual exchange though more was demanded of the group in the form of food and they gave it to them. The group has Becka back now but at the loss of a good portion of there food and 2/3 of the fuel they had. You can't loose valuables like this in a real situation but the outcome of this seems to be waking up a few of the group members and I think we might see a few decisions made with a little more thought put into them. Oh boy.


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