Isreal to bomb or not to bomb Iran

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     I have seen a few articles on the web today about the upcoming reactor fueling  in Iran by the Russians and Israel isn't too happy about that. The date for the event seems to be 21 August, that's the end of the week folks. Now I know Israel can not tolerate Iran having any kind of nuclear capability, I know this is a power plant but I have no doubt that Iran will misuse the fuel for more nefarious reasons. When you publicly state that you want to destroy another country such as Iran says it wants to do with Israel I can understand why Israel would want to take out these sites in a preemptive strike, They just can't take the chance.

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     The state of Israel is approximately 10,000 square miles give or take, that roughly equates to the size of the state of Vermont in the U.S. So by all accounts Israel is a very small country, Imagine what 2 or 3 nukes hitting this country would do, Israel would cease to exist as a country. With that knowledge it is easy to see why they need to take threats against them very seriously as they just do not have the physical size or population ( just under 8 million) to survive against a weapon of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons. It is my belief that if Israel did not posses their own nuclear weapons they would have been overrun long ago, I believe that their nukes are purely defensive in nature or a last resort weapon only if they come under unimaginable attack. With Iran soon to be going nuclear it has been questioned if Israel will attack the various sites in question and what the consequences will be for us here in the United States? Will we be dragged into a war? Will we suffer from embargo's from the other Arab countries because of our support of Israel? I for one am willing to handle  anything that comes my way with respect to a backlash from Israel taking out the Iranian threat, it is something that needs to be done before the Iranian leadership can go through with their threats.       

Just some food for thought and for those that are interested here is a link to a site that has a lot of geographical information on Israel and the surrounding area.     
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chinasyndrome said...

Scott, I am with ya!Some say Iran should be allowed nukes.Seeing as to how their leader wants Israel and the U.S blowed off the planet,I must go with the hawks on this one.Hell I wish none of us had nukes.Terrible technology.



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