Friday the 13th

      Well it is Friday the 13th Yippee. I am curious if we will have a D.C. news dump towards the end of the day. I did find one interesting blurb on a school down in Nogales, AZ that seems to have an issue with Illegals, Border patrol and cops running through the play ground. There solution, A fence, WOW novel concept. Story here.

      Now most schools out here already  have fencing surrounding  them and some do have barb wire but I don't remember it making the news before. Interesting.


I have come to the conclusion that I want to be a president,  it seems like all the do is take vacations, now I will not begrudge them for doing so I can't  imagine the stress that a president goes through but pick a better time you morons. When the damn country is at war or on fire with massive unemployment going off to play on the ranch or another round of golf makes you look like the insensitive ass that you are, get damn clue.        

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