Colony season 2 episode 4 my part 2

     OK folks sorry for the delay, Life keeps getting in the way of things here along with more travel out of state again. I digress though, back to the review.

      Grumpy EMT ( Thanks GE )  beat me to in in my comments section from part one about the security issue for the group especially at night as they have plenty of members available to keep a daytime and nighttime watch. A point or 3 here but say for instance during the arson raid what would have happened to the group if their building was the one set on fire? End of the show........... No we can't let that happen but this emphasises the fact that they could have all been DEAD if the attacking group wanted it that way, you have to have someone watching your back all of the time in a situation such as this and that goes double at night where sleeping is your most vulnerable time. These types of shows bring about both good and bad things to our attention. The good is in that shows like these might actually wake people up to the fact that we are not in the nice rosy world we all think were in and we might actually learn something. Now the bad ties in with the good in a way with respect the the learning aspect, I am worried that things will be taught that will get people KILLED if they try them in a real catastrophe. Take for instance the scene during the fire where everyone decided to stand in the window and watch the pretty fire, add to that the person with the headlamp in the window, BANG. Another issue that that went lucky for the group was the attempted entry into their building, with enough time you can get through almost any door, I think a bucket filled with some nasty above the door that could be dumped on command would be a nice touch but that's just me. Something else to think about too, who might have been sneaking up on the other 3 sides of the building during the fire?

     Once it was noticed that the arson group was looting they finally decided to send someone out to confront the Looter, bad idea all the way around especially when only one person went out, again no one to watch your back, do you really want to do that? The group did learn a lesson thought, I will bet that they leave a lot less of their supplies outside again where they can be easily nabbed. 

     Another enemy showed up also to torment the group, mother nature came a knocking and did a good number on their building. Being wet is not any fun unless your in the shower or swimming, good shelter will be the difference in being comfortable or miserable. This storm also took out the bridge that they constructed at the canal along with some of their fishing gear, Dick's sporting goods is not open anymore so you really need to take care of what you have because you never know when you can get more. During a real emergency loosing your gear can make the difference between eating or not eating so it is important that you keep tabs of it.

     On the food hunt this week 3 members went out and headed to the swamp area where the did so well in finding snakes last week. Well whats good one week sucks the next, so they can't get to dependent on one area for their hunting especially when they do not have a garden or other dependable source of food. One bright moment was in the return trip where the hunting party came across the staged ER crashed plane, while there were other people at the site it did not turn into the confrontation that it could have and they walked away with an engine and part of a fuselage, I am sure that during closer inspection they might find more parts or pieces they can use. 

     OK time for the stupid action of the week. little miss pretty model decides to go off by herself looking for food, Nothing could be dumber than to go off by yourself and she paid the price. Right now people are not nice, heck they are down right nasty in some places so do you really think it will be any nicer when a disaster strikes? This girl would have been raped, killed or who knows what. The bottom line is that you really need to think before you do, now and especially in a situation like this group is in. From the preview it looks like a there will be a trade in the works, woman for supplies.... Stay tuned.



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