Log cabin project for the week

      Well this is my project for the week, getting a log cabin built for family over in NM. I am the one operating the Gradall for this adventure, I am used to putting up steel and being able to "nudge things" when you need to but this wood is mostly standing pole pine so it can't be beat on to hard. This project has been waiting to go for about 2 years, True log cabins van be a pain in the A%*, log cabin engineers here in NM are a little thin on the ground and you have to have that damn NM engineers stamp for your permit. Finally though it is starting to materialize and get going.
      The footprint of this hybrid cabin is approximately 28x36 and will be 3 levels giving a total of about 1,500 square feet. The first level is a walkout basement made out of 8x8x16 block and will be burmed  on 3 sides as it is built into an incline. They wanted a lot of height for the view and extra space. The middle floor will contain the kitchen, living room and a master bathroom with a fireplace insert. General heating will be by radiant heating for the basement and middle floor, the upper floor will be simple venting. Like I said I will be on this project all week so I will do a post on the progress and all in some of the features that will be incorporated.


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