Finally caught the colony episode 2

     Well I finally had the chance to catch the second episode of the colony, yeah I know a week late but I didn't think I would miss anything life changing.  Now I am sure there is a little scripting involved but they did focus on a few key basics in this one and I guess that counts for something.

     Realizing that food and water were key it was nice to see a good amount of time put into both of these efforts, more so with the food. Water will almost always be the deciding factor in any event, Air of coarse being #1 but that is another post for down the road. The addition of the sand filter that they scored should add some purity to their water but not having any chemicals to treat it they will need to continue boiling their water for drinking. The food issue was attacked on two fronts, one being the netting system for the small canal close to them and while it did not pay off at first I think it might pay dividends with a little more effort. Better efforts were made going to the semi swamp area, it would seem like a very target rich environment food wise.

     Power seems to be a big issue with this group, now I can see the need for the tools especially for the use of fortifying their living quarters. I wish the group would have put more time into their defenses, maybe next episode. They will have future confrontations and with their small numbers they will need to make their surrounding work for them and be force multipliers. The one bad issue that I had with their need for power was the fact that they were scared of the dark so to speak, I guess we are creatures of habit and are conditioned to having light at night but for the situation they are in light is the last thing u want. They are supposed to be in a grid down situation and any light at night will be a giant beacon that says come get me, come loot me. If you need light get a good red filtered flashlight and use it sparingly. Keep in mind that if everyone in the neighborhood does not have power and you do where are they are going to go? 

    One thing that did puzzle me thought was why go through all the trouble to weld on a pulley to the PTO shaft and mount an alternator? Was the altenator for the tractor bad? I am sure we will never know but it did bring out an alternate method of welding that does work in a pinch, It was a good example of how to use tools and materials to get the job done and I am glad that those types of examples were shown. As for rendering the pig fat for fuel it sure seemed like a lot work for the stated gallon that they got out of it but if that's what you have to work with go for it. I would be looking for additional sources of power production though as depending on just one source will always invoke that gentleman Murphy to gum up the works when you need it the most, having a backup will keep you going if a failure occurs.

     I know there is more to comment on this but the sleep monster is calling me, I do believe the next episode is on tomorrow so I will try to fill in from there.... Later all... Prepology
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