Stairway to the heavens....Log cabin update

     Well after half a day of plan changes and figuring out what would work best we put in the first of 2 flights of stairs today and boy am I glad to be able to use them, ladders suck.
     A nice side view of the new stairs, there will be a wall behind them that will be the master bedroom and a kitchen off to the right. We plan to enclose the stairs and put in a door so as to use the space underneath as a very small pantry.

     A down view from the 3rd floor where 2 spare bedrooms will be. There will also be an overlook to the 2nd floor from a small landing at the top of the stairs.

      Looking towards the front of the house and the stairs, There will be a few additional logs going up on the front and then the cutouts will be made for the windows.


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chinasyndrome said...

Wow green with envy.Looking good man!!


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