Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit August

     Well first off we are another month closer to.... well we're closer to something right? I would like to say that we are closer to this year being over but it just doesn't get me going in the least bit whatsoever. I know everyone is looking at the November elections but it will most likely be more of the same, you know bending us over, doing things for us that TPTB think we need, stuff like that.

Raindrops falling on waterImage via Wikipedia
     I really like rain but not when I am working on sealing a temporary roof with tar and flashing, it goes from sunny to rainy here in NM in a heart beat. Oh well wait 15 minutes and the weather changes out here, Building this damn cabin for family has been one pain in the a%$ after another. The red tape to build a log cabin, a real log cabin is a pain in the a%$ but when that's what ya want that's what ya get, oh well. Desert rain what can you do

      Well speaking of rain it just took out the internet so it looks like this will not make it to post until Aug 2nd, damn. Any speaking of rain it looks our wonderful government is trying to push more rain water restrictions on us, several western states already have water collection laws on the books. I say to hell with them how the :claim ownership of a rain, if it falls on my property it's mine. This is a really good example of how bad Govt has wormed it's way into our private affairs, You know damn well they will try to tax or regulate air next or something. Anyway here is a link to Natural news that has a better article then I can write on the subject.



This would be a nice set up to have on any day but most people I think are just as happy with the type below.



     Anyway my thoughts are simple why not collect a little rain and use it, it is going to get recycled again anyway sooner or later. Just let it wait until I am done working please. Later all

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