Colony season 2 episode 4

     Well the newness is wearing off fast here, I think this might be a 2 or 3 season show here, this group seem to be getting around to some basics that they should have started from the first. Security, HELLO great first step, closing off the gate was nice, it would only slow someone down for a little but controlling access is key.

     Both groups uniting ( who didn't see this coming ). No really it was the logical choice on both their parts, trying to defend 2 compounds is a non starter with the manpower that they had plus the additional supplies required to maintain 2 separate compounds was beyond their means. Joining forces, is almost always a benefit to said group as long as everyone can get along, Hell that's a whole post in it's self. In the end if you are in a group where it just isn't working or no one gets along you might want to be in a different group, this is not something that you want to deal with if you already have a catastrophe.

     The construction theme this week seems to be a windmill, this is a good idea that should pay off for them once they get it running. The power will be generated via a car alternator from one of the vehicles that have been staged, aahhh I mean abandoned in the area. Suspension and rotor parts will make up the bulk of the build, these are pretty substantial parts they are using, the only thing I have a concern about will be the gear reduction parts they are using from the scavenged bicycles. The bicycle gears and chain might be a maintenance issue but I am speaking before it is built, we'll see. Something to keep in mind here is the reason for the windmill in the first place, right now they are relying on the modified tractor for their power and that means they need fuel, fuel that they really do not have at this point, this in very short order could become the primary power source for charging the batteries, I do hope that they go into more theory and mechanic's of this build so that everyone can get a good understanding of this build.

I gotta get back to this people I got a kids nose bleed to tend to....

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Grumpy EMT said...

They one thing really bothering me about the show is total lack of having anyone on guard duty at night. 9 people now could easily split up this duty nightly in 2-3 hour shifts. Another is people going off alone to do things. Hope that is addressed now that someone was abducted.

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