FoodSaver® V3800 test run

     Well have you ever bought something new only to have it sit on the shelf for a month or two. Yup I'm guilty. OK I broke it out and put it to work today on three different items I had around the pantry, Rice, Pinto beans and some pasta.

      I decided to use the 11" wide roll of bag making material that came with the unit, the length is decided by what ever foods you are putting into it. For my needs today I made two different size pouches to handle one or two cup capacities. I went with these two sizes because they are what I normally use for rice and bean sizes to feed me and my family and leave a little left over for later or for the next day. Pretty much all you need to do to use this machine is turn it on as there is a sensor in the feed sealing section that automatically starts the cycle when you put the end of a bag in it, nice feature as you need two hands to hold the bag and get it into the machine. Not needing an extra hand to push buttons is a time saver, the vacuum and sealing operation takes six to seven seconds.

      There are other features on the sealer that deal with wet product and such but like a typical man I have not read the instructions yet, I'll get to that. All in all I spent about an hour and a half playing with the machine and I only goofed up one bag before I figured it out and from there it flew bye. I cranked out about thirty, one and two cup vacuum sealed bags, I also made four - four cup bags for the heck of it. I will work with this sealer more in the next few days and try some different foods but my first impression is that this is a nice piece of equipment and I am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it.....Later


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April said...

I am planning on purchasing a FoodSaver this weekend and I was happy to read your post! I am going to try my hand at dehyadrating these coming winter months since most things that I love to can are seasonal.

Thanks for you post...I found you on another website and I'm glad I took the time to look at your profile!


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