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Fitness 2010

So now that those holidays are over and we have all gained that couple of extra pounds ( admit it you know you have ) it is time to get rid of them. Well I am sure that being the Americans that we are we all have a few to loose anyway and I will count my self in that group with out reservation.

Now what to do about it well depending on your age, physical or other attributes you'll have to make that decision for yourself or better yet see your doctor but either way being in better shape is always in your best interest but like I said best check with the Doc first to see if your body is up to it and it is safe for you.

OK so Doc checks you out and you are good to go, good lets go. A good part of us all being a few pounds over weight is just the garbage that we eat, it is packed full of so many things that we do not even have any business being in our bodies, pretty much if it comes out of a can, drive thru, or delivered you can pretty much bet it is junk. Now for the second part and again I am just as guilty, get up off of that damn couch and get outside and do something, run, walk, ride a bike or chase the kids. For me I have the run, walk and chase the kids option and I have started to use it and guess what I now get the "Dad wait up" now granted they leave me in the dust for the first mile but as kids are thew are great out of the gate but they just don't have that stamina yet.

Yes it does hurt a little to get back into shape and I was sore as hell for the first week and then it got much better and you do not see many results after that one week but they are there and another by-product of the exercise it that the old metabolism starts to get going and the fat starts going away and that is a good thing.

The ultimate benefit to this is to be in shape because for one thing you will live longer and feel better but best of all you will have the energy and fitness to make it when times are tough. Being healthy and having a healthy body is paramount to fighting off disease, sickness or even a bad guy say a mugger or thief, If you can scoot out of the situation versus having to fight it then by all means get your but out of there. You being the harder target will help keep you safe, don't look like the pushover, be the strong looking one and most importantly just don't be there in the first place. We all have that little 6th sense that tells us " hey we shouldn't be here, get the hell out" Just try to not put yourself in a bas situation in the first place, be safe. Situational awareness is your friend, look around, take notice and if something does not look right then it most likely is not all right.......Oscar T.G.

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