US gets F on effort for potential bioterrorism attatck

The Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism gives the government an "F" for a lack of effort to improve the nation's capability to respond to biological attacks quickly enough to prevent mass casualties.

http://www.cidrap. content/bt/ bioprep/news/ jan2610bioweapon .html

     I would agree with the F 100%. Biological weapons should rate very high on the terrorism spectrum for us and the country, they are easy to manufacture and easy to transport and everything needed to make them are already in the county, all it takes is the knowledge to make them.

     Now as far as using them there are so many ways to get an agent out there it will be next to impossible to stop, but prevention is the key, it would be best to stop it before it happens. If you can't stop it then you would not know about it until it might be too late (post exposure) and once your are exposed ( and many others ) then TPTB would need to figure out what your exposed with ( that takes time ) after that you would need treatment ( that takes time ) if there is a treatment. You also need to look at the scale of the event, how many people are you talking about being exposed? the higher the number the longer things take, it's just a numbers game, it is very hard to prepare for every contingency this all costs billions of dollars. Now add to it that it has not really happened here yet you have a population that has an attitude of it can't happen here so you have the result that the populace it's self won't self prepare either and that is the travesty because you can help you faster than local, state and fedgov. While you as a person may not have access to the specialized drugs and vaccinations you do have access to PPE (personal protective equipment ) in the form of a filtered mask / respirator and protective clothing, you also have ( but expensive ) some chemical detection gear. Knowing that there is a problem though is key, "if you don't know then you can't go" Again take  the lead in your own protection because this could be a very real event if our future and don't think that if you are not in a big city you are safe, terrorism will be ever changing, they can and will go after a soft targets, everyone expects New York or D.C. to be hit, but why not go after a small city of say 25,000 to 50,000, if you do it there then you would have the attention of a whole lot of other cities in that range.... Something to think about...

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