There comes a time in our daily goings on that a tool is required to accomplish a certain task, We won't get into the need for a huge roll away $25,000 set up here but a more respectable 5 to 10 piece set that is highly mobile and multipurpose.

In todays tool market all one needs to do is go to any major big box store and you can not only see a huge variation of tools but how they have also evolved from what we consider grandpa's screwdriver or wrench. Today if a tool does not do more than one thing why have it? Now is the time to take advantage of mulit tools. When we think of multi tools we think of one of the best known, the leatherman™

Leatherman Charge Ti

If I were to have only one tool this or something very close to it would be it, A leatherman™. This tool will either come with or will have available a pouch that will attach to your belt to keep it handy. While not perfect for everything it will do almost anything, remember versatility is the key, do more with less. 

An adjustable wrench type multi tool

A Klien® 5-in-1 type screwdriver

 A hammer, axe and pry bar all in one

In closing there are many tools that will do many jobs, you have the option to buy new or used and new is not always better but make sure the tool has not been abused. You can make your self a small, simple and easily transportable tool kit. Most if not all of the tools above will fit in a small canvas type zipper bag that can easily go in your BOB or in the trunk of your car, you can customize it to your needs. Scott

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