Lights on, Lights off part 2

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So you eat a nice steak and grilled potato for dinner after all and actually have a really good nite sleep, with all the quite in the neighborhood and lack of night time activity. Heck without power you even sleep late because your alarm clock doesn't go off, wondering what time it is you look at your cell but it shut off sometime while you were asleep because the power is still off and you can't charge it, wonderful. Well time to get up then and see what other little surprises your wonderful wife has but a trip to the bathroom tells of another problem, No water.

Side note: The tote your wife had you get that contained all the flashlights and lanterns?. These are nice and important things to have but you must weigh one thing very importantly and that is that you have them and others do not... So that being said there is what we call light discipline  and that is basically keeping a low signature of your light, use only what you need to get the job done. Another reason to keep light discipline is to blend in, you do not want to be the neighbor on the block that stands out. Where do you think all the neighbors are going to go if they see light coming from your lanterns in your house......... Now if you have to have light in your house then you need to do your best to shield it and not let it filter to outside of the home and that is best done by using heavy curtains over the windows. Remember it is the nail sticking up that gets hammered down, don't be the nail sticking up.... Blend in, be grey.

You walk into your living room looking for your wife but don't see her, kitchen no, the garage, yup there she is and into more of those totes you always were wondering about but never asked about, " morning dear you state, what happened to the water you ask? ". Well you are informed that with the power out the city water department with it's limited water storage system can only keep up pressure for so long and the reason that it lasted during the night is that the city has a gravity tank that they keep filled as a buffer. Now as the tank buffer has been emptied and not re-filled because pumps are down it only lasts so long and emptied out around 4 this morning. Bummer no hot shower for you, you think.

Wondering why the darn power isn't back on yes you borrow your wife's cell phone, noticing it is fully charged, a question to her for later for sure. You call the power company but now only get a recorded message with only news that they are working on the problem and blah blah blah. Nothing useful at all. You decide to go back to the garage and tell your wife and she says she already knows about the power problem and directs you to the 12volt television in the corner and to watch the news for a few minutes and then to help pack. Pack you ask what for, watch the news she says and you will see why.

Switching on the television you see a familiar reporter if front of a black and smoky, twisted pile of unrecognizable steel and cable and burnt out utility vehicles. The power company states that a new crane operator got too close to the power lines and caught the crane on fire and it spread from there causing all the damage. The reporter began to interview a well groomed power company official who stated that the fire had also been fueled by all of the oil in the transformers and the fire department had been reluctant to apply any water or foam to put the blaze out. Repairs are estimated to be weeks away.
 Detracted by what you have just seen you shut off the television and ask your wife what are we going to do, she only gives you two words "we're leaving"

To be continued... Scott

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