About the Jobs

Yes we have lost manufacturing jobs and no they will not come back by us competing worldwide for them, we can not compete cost/ labor wise,  Americans will not lower there standard of living to that degree.

Now what we can do is change the 2 things that got us in this mess in the first place.  #1 is that we as Americans need to quit cutting our own throats bu buying the cheapest crap made, Buy American for starters.  #2 Tariff, Tariff, Tariff, we are killing ourselves here when we make it law that an American company can't compete with another Country, Americans should be first.

I understand why companies outsource, because if you don't you go out of business it is that simple, in this country we have regulations, laws and rules that we have to follow, The rest of the world done not, now how is that fair. Until we tariff imports or hold these imported products to the same standard that our own products have to endure we will continue to bleed jobs and our manufacturing base.

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