Buy American

     Buy American, A slogan we have seen here and there but what does it really mean.

     With our economy in dire straights and the country still bleeding jobs at an alarming rate not to mention the people who have quit looking for jobs now is not the time to buy foreign products. While the urge to buy something for a lower price is something many people are doing right now it really hurts our economy and in the end it really costs more in the long run. When we buy products that are not made in this country we hurt the American directly by lowering their orders to their companies, that in turn cuts their hours and eventually can put them out of work. Once out of work if they can't find new work they turn to unemployment, welfare or other Government programs so in the end we pay for it.

     This country has a long history of manufacturing and we are good at it and we can put out a Quality product for a fair cost. Now for the kicker, nobody wants to pay a fair cost so who is to blame? Nobody but ourselves. Again we have no one to blame but good ourselves. We wanted cheap and we paid for it with our jobs and now we want the Government to fix it, Newsflash, it is not up to the Government to fix it, we are the ones that need to fix it by buying American.

     Some would argue that green jobs, new technology, Higher taxes and more free trade is the answer to our problems, that would work if we would do it here in the country but we won't, no one is going to make solar panels here when they can make them overseas for less, yes some are made here but they are leaving. New technology would be nice but it does not get enough people working and as for taxes lets make every one pay their fair share, as in collecting it from the 50% of people in the country that do not pay taxes. 

     Many countries practice protectionism or use tariffs, the effect of this is that the host country takes care of their own people first and foremost as it should be, we need to create over 100,000+ jobs a month to keep up with new potential employees coming into the job market in order to hold any kind of a steady unemployment rate. Right now we are not doing that and we are paying for it with a horrible unemployment rate as a result, we need to take a drastic coarse of action in order to stem this bleeding that we have, It is time to be a manufacturing power again, we need to be a producer not a consumer so buy American.... Scott

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