Lights on, Lights off

So it is 5:30pm and you just got home and the lights go off.

"Now what" you ask. You know you paid the light bill, so that can't be it.

You go and check your electrical panel only to see that everything is on. What next, you go outside and see other people outside too looking around, scratching their head. Your next door neighbor asks the obvious question as you shrug it off and walk back into the house to make a phone call only to find out that you can't because every phone you have in the house is also plugged into an electrical outlet.... oops you shouldn't have thrown away that old corded phone you had huh!!. Note to self **** when the power is off the phone lines will still usually be active as they have battery backup or generators independent of the power company****.

Plan B, you use your cell phone to call the power company only to find out that the outage is due to a major substation failure and they have no idea how long it will take to repair at this time, "please call back in a few hours for an update" Wonderfully inciting news, questions begin to pop into your head, what to do for the night without electricity, you can 't cook, no power, heck you won't even be able to see here in a few hours, Plan C you call your wife.

Your wife, the always have an answer for every problem, every time kinda person. You make the call and she tells you to sit tight as she will be home in 10 minutes and not worry, you a little confuzzled take a seat and relax a little in knowing that you married a really smart woman and wonder what she has planned for you.

Enter your wife, you immediately fill her in on the power company situation, how you will eat for the night and in general what are we gong to do,she already knows and again says not to worry about it as she already has a plan. You are immediately dispatched to the garage for the blue tote marked #1 and to bring it in and to open it. Inside the tote you find an assortment of battery operated flashlights and lanterns and a ton of extra batteries "wow dear when did you get all of this" you ask. You do not get a response because your wife is outside starting dinner on the propane powered grill that you forgot you had, good thing you married this woman because she has had the foresight to look ahead and think of things that you might need when things fail.

Power fails all the time, it just happens so don't take it for granted, have a backup to get you through the event, what was dramatized in the story above could have been more complex or less but either way it happens all the time and there are simple things that you can do to make it a more comfortable ordeal, make it a learning situation so that next time is is even easier on you, plan your problem so that your problem automatically has a plan...

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