Got BOB?

OK, who the heck is Bob?

Well Bob can be your best buddy if you know him but most people have no idea who he is.. Bob is not really a person but a thing, Bob is your Bug Out Bag, OK whats a bug out bag you ask. Well pretty simple really and there are many kinds but for today we will look exclusively at a Bob for your vehicle. Now what is actually in a bob? Really anything that you want to be in there is in there. A good Bob is nothing more than a preferably good sturdy backpack that you can handle. A Bob is a collection of items that you can use that is stored in your car to use when you either break down, get lost, or even run out of gas and have to go mark one foot power ( IE walking ). Your bob should contain things that are relevant to where you are and where you might be, you should also take into account your local weather conditions. If you have the opportunity a Bob should be set up to where you could get by with it for at least 72hrs, anything longer than that and you might want to break out a shopping cart to carry anything else. Below are some basics to start with but yours will vary depending on your preference and specific needs.

  • Water ( also include water purification tablets, or a good water filter )
  • Snacks, munchies, power bars, granola, even a few MRE's ( meals ready to eat )
  • spare cell phone ( even an older disconnected one will still dial 911 )
  • 2 flashlights.... 2 is one and one is none, have a backup ( make one a wind up type, no batteries needed )
  • Warm clothing, A change of clothes goes a long way to a little comfort
  • Raincoat ( a small tarp comes in handy too and does double duty )
  • A small first aid kit
  • Strike anywhere matches ( add a zip lock to keep them in and also for some dry tinder )
  • Spare medications that you might be on ( rotate these so they don't go bad )
  • Length of rope ( a million and one uses )
  • Spare glasses if necessary
  • A spare hidden debit card with a small amount of money on it or some cash
  • Spare ID or other important documents that can be hidden
As you can see these are pretty much your everyday items that you might already have around and they would be very easy to have in that backpack and have in the car if the need ever arises. Oscar

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