The lightbulb

The light bulb theory, I am sure many of you have heard of it.

Well for those of you that have not it is where you have one of those moments in your life where you have a problem and you are deep into thought about it and all of a sudden the answer pops into your head, Bang the light bulb hits full intensity and you have your answer. For me one big light bulb for me that finally went on was my understanding of the trade of electrical and this is where for me as a young apprentice electrician my lead journeyman at the time said to me that one day it would all be crystal clear and electrical would all make sense, well it took almost 10 years and a lot of doing things wrong before I finally "got it"

Now trying to apply the art of prepology to the light bulb theory is a challenge and then some, but a fun one with great benefits and one that I am taking on a personnel level and I will share my experiences both good and bad here on this blog. Now while I do not think that one can ever master this discipline due to it's ever changing face but I do think that you can make it work for you and give you an edge that you need to get yourself ahead of the pack. Oscar

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