Do you have your ducks in a row?

     I hope that everyone has their house in order, air, water, food, shelter and protection. While you might have a different order I know that a lacking in any one will make for a rough time. I would love to know what is coming down the pike but not being a psychic puts us all at a disadvantage for sure. I guess a generic plan is about all one can do unless you know that in your mind a certain event will happen, you can take your pick, economic collapse, NBC, CW2, Invasion, Environmental,  Big rock falling from the sky, who knows.

      I know that one disaster that is increasingly becoming more prevalent are burglary, theft and muggings. Why you may ask, well it's pretty simple. People are not working. I.E. our wonderful stimulus has failed, our taxes are going up, The government is spending like no tomorrow. I could go on but why bother, Look when people don't have something to do I.E. work then some will go off and be stupid and commit crimes and that means that your SA (situational awareness ) needs to be put in high gear. If you look like a target you will be a target, if you leave your keys in the ignition your going to have your car stolen eventually, you kind of get the point right? Look you need to be a hard target and better yet be a grey target. If you can limit your to exposure you can limit the chance of being that victim.

     The reason why I call the above a disaster is because if you have ever been robbed of had your home broken into than you know how traumatic it can be, and that to you  is a disaster.

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