Out of my wallet

      Now I have an idea that should fix all of our problems that seem to plague us ignorant, stupid, can't take care of ourselves much less our children serfs that we are. I believe that we all should be issued a Government handler to guide us in the correct way, we just can't make the correct decisions. Hell we might as well as the Govt continues to worm their way into every corner of our lives. The worst part of this seems to be that most people could care less, many people want even more "think of the safety we would have" HORSE-CRAP.

     Our wonderful new health-care-death-care program that we just had to pass to know whats in it dropped another set of eyeball on us, I am talking about the new reporting of your acquisition of gold. Go buy $600 worth and your information gets passed to the feds..... It's none of their damn business what I buy or how much I buy. We might as well pull the phrase "legal tender for all debts, public or private"  off our money because it sure does not mean what it used to.

      This week we also get to deal with the new financial bill that is almost as big as the HC bill you can bet that worthless dollar that is in your wallet right now it is loaded with new ways to get into that wallet of yours. Credit cards are already scrutinized now they get to do more of it, your employer reports on you, hell we report on ourselves left and right.

     Form 1099 will soon be your best friend, again I would not bet against the Govt adding a plethora of new reportable items or services so that they can make their "tax". What this will do in some circles is create a new black market, it's already here now for some areas, it will just expand to take in new products.

     Well I have lost my train of thought and I know what happens when that happens so I will end this article for now and may pick it up at a later date..... Good Morning

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