Colony review episode 1

     Episode 1 of season 2 is now in the can so to speak. The first thing you get from this series is that it seams to be a little rushed, I was a little disappointed at how they went over their water purification system. Clean water should be #1 on every one's list ( second to air of coarse ) I believe they took the liberty of people having watched the first season where they did a lot better in explaining how they put that system together.
     Now I know this show has certain aspects to keep the viewer's attention but I would like to see them slow it down and explain better what they are doing. This group will need a leader at some point, "freelancing" on the fire ground will not be tolerated comes to mind from past training and I think it applies here too. This group will need a plan if it is to have any realistic appeal to it.

      A second observation I disagree with was the first confrontation that the group had. This group needs to start working as a group and use their numbers to an advantage. In giving the outsiders food you create a double edge sword, be kind and charitable or keep what you have will have consequences either way. The outsiders were no doubt instructed to cause as much mayhem as possible as well as gather intelligence and they did.

     Some of the good things that the group did do was in their decision of moving out of the tent and into a more defensible building but they did not build on this as well as they could have. The other thing was they immediately recognized that they would need to start gathering more food now versus later. The scouting missions that they started is a good idea that will net them additional supplies in the future but they do need to be careful  as they are separated from other members of the group.

     In the ending part of the program where the larger outsider group came for the supplies is where I have the biggest issue. While the home team was clearly outnumbered they made it worse by letting themselves be divided and easily conquered. In this particular case they would have been better off making a stand in their house on the second floor, from what I saw there was only one staircase. This would have been a natural choke point to defend and neutralize the outsiders numbers. In the end they still might have lost but it would have taken a lot more time to do it. This should be interesting to see how things will unfold.

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