Observations on the day

     Had a road trip today of about 500 miles going from one corner of Arizona to the opposite corner of Arizona. Now if the economy is picking up I will be a horses A&*, I drove through very small towns and even the city of Phoenix and came and came to a conclusion. My conclusion was that there are a lot of empty spaces to rent, and on top of that I did see the occasional mega warehouse for sale or lease. I have been in and out of AZ for the better part of 23 years and I have seen the sprawl of people over take the desert But I am wondering if the bad times have caught up, It sure looked like it from my view.


     Now before I hear it I know it's FEMA but even they do something half A%$ right every now and then, plus your paying for it anyway. They do have some online training in several areas and cover a range of disasters, most of the online courses last between 30 minutes to an hour and a half and you get a certificate in the end, now you can use this information in several ways:

  • Have the information to better yourself.
  • Use the information for work, Add to your H.R. file at work, more qualifications.
  • Or know how Government and state workers will respond to things. 

      Oh man stick a fork in me I am done, time to sleep. Enjoy all.

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