Financials and exercise = metal detecting

     I took the opportunity the other day to to work on some supplemental income generation, I went out and bought a new metal detector. Now I have never had one, never used one, never even touched one before but what the heck I'll try something new. Now I have no intentions of becoming "Rich" by finding a bunch of gold, although it would be nice I just don't have that kind of good Karma banked up right now. While the area I live in does have quite a few old mimes I think I will find more throw away items than anything. One thing I did take the opportunity to do was go out to one of the many informal shooting areas just outside of  town and I was surprised at the amount of brass that people are still leaving behind. Brass being a good recyclable metal right now me and my bow spent about an hour and a half finding and bagging brass, we even bagged separately all the wolf 7.62x39 that litters the area, what the heck it all adds up right.

      Come the end of the day we had collected a few pounds of brass and a few pounds of steel cased wolf casings, they all now reside in 5 gallon buckets and there is more to collect. While not a good day job this did give me an opportunity to do a lot of walking around and bending over to pick up various metals. In addition it gave me some good one on one time with my older son who was totally excited to be digging in the dirt "looking for treasure"

I could not fine the exact unit that I bought but after looking at prices you can get into one for as little as $40 all the way to 5 figures, that's a little too rich for my blood. I hope to have fun with the one I have and we'll see where it goes and I will let you all know if i find anything good.....

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chinasyndrome said...

Scott,I use a whites 6000 di pro.At the time it was best detector with analog meter.Great hobby sometimes it pays off.Best sites have been abandoned farms-homesteads lots of old silver.Right out side my apt door between me and interstate is a small strip of land overgrown with brush-trees Must of been part of a farm I found 1861 seated dime and 1899 barber dime barber was on surface.Not worth much but very cool to me!



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