Do you have your ducks in a row? part 2

     Well back to having the proverbial ducks in a row piece, I left off with a hypothetical,  being robbery/ muggings and the like. Odds are that at some point in every ones life we become a target. While some will be at a higher chance than others a lot of it can be attributed to ones own risk taking, we take risk every day. Getting out of bed every day is a risk and so is walking down the sidewalk but they are things we are going to do it is in our nature to do so.

     Now the bad type of risk I am talking about is pretty common sense like walking in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time of day or night, we all know that. So how many of us lock our doors after we get in our out of our cars? how many of us lock our front doors at night? how about your mail security, do you have a locking mailbox, How much information can someone get about you by stealing your mail. Identity theft can ruin you just as easy as anything else, the flip side is do you shred or destroy all of our documents, what information are you putting into the waste basket and then to the curb. Thieves these days can find a goldmine of information about you from your trash. Take nothing for chance these days always assume that someone is peeking over your shoulder trying to get your info. 
     The bottom line I would like to make is that you should think very carefully about almost everything you do, take that extra moment to look five minutes into the future and role play a few possibilities about your choices. Do I really need to do this right now? or go there at this time? Should I shred this paper? Hey ( trusted Neighbor ) can you grab my mail today as I will be getting home very late tonight. It can be hard for a good person to get into the mind of a not so good person to see how they might do us harm but in doing so you can gain valuable information in how to protect yourself. Common sense can be a great ally and so can your gut because when it just does not feel right or pass the smell test follow it because it is usually right....

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