Arizona end of the month riots? Maybe

     July 29th is set to be the day that the controversial SB1070 law goes into effect, that is unless an injunction is issued in federal court, toss a coin who knows. In the event that the law does go into effect and you live in the Phoenix area do you have a plan if the SHTF?

     I take into account from the previous history of protests in the area that some people will not take the law going into effect lying down, when you are already illegal why not do something else illegal like riot... Now if riots do happen I would put my money Phoenix being a very interesting place...... to avoid. As for those who do live in the area it might be worth your time to have an event plan in your mind if things do go south, like:

  • Have your car/ truck filled up the day before
  • Plan on staying away from hot spots in contention
  • Have a place to go outside the city if needed
  • Know where your kids plan on being that day ( modify as needed ) 
  • Is your BOB up to date?  is your car's?
  • Do you have everything at home you need for a few days if need be? ( your a prepper of coarse you do )
  • Consider security for the day if you own a storefront business 
     The above is only a very small partial list to think about, I would take this as a training opportunity to test yourself and family. Hopefully nothing comes of this event but better to be prepared and safe.... Take care.

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