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     As a small business owner things are a little slow, I had one call to take care of today that lasted about 4 hours, after that I was free. Needless to say I wanted to go play with the metal detector a little so I loaded up some extra water, grabbed the cell phone and out the door I went.

     Not really having an exact destination in mind, over the next mountain would do just fine, out of town and quiet seemed to fit the bill nicely. In hopes of trying to forget about the world for a few hours it seems like I got just the opposite instead. More and more every day I come to the realization that I have lost faith in my fellow man and woman.... To me it seems that no one is taking any of our current situations very seriously, the gulf, unemployment, taxes, Govt regulation, anything. It seems like every one has their blinders on, Come November we will most likely see the house change hands and maybe even the senate but I do not foresee anything better coming of it, just a different speed.

     The damage in my opinion has already been done and we have only ourselves to blame, our economy "can" so to speak can only be kicked down the road for so long. I would consider us already bankrupt now, how much money do we owe to the rest of the world, Billions, Trillions, how much do we borrow every day just to run?  At some time the credit card IS going to be turned off and then what, we will never pay it off, the interest alone will kill us.

     As I see it the only way I think we can get out of this mess is by cutting to the bone and that means getting rid of a few thousand programs in government, as far as I know and have seen Govt DOES NOT do it better, there is just no way they can, it is not built for it. Many of these cuts will be the ultimate third rail but I think our constitution served us well for a long time and our problems started when we strayed away from it. Look around and one can see all the proof we need, we have become an I want it all and i want it all now and I don't want to pay for it.

     Unfortunately I do not think there is any one single person who can stand up and educate us in how we have strayed, we are too diverse a country to believe in anyone not from our "Click". Our re-education will come from action, a meltdown action of some kind. We have gone through this before and not really all that long ago, about three generations give or take. The big difference this time will be that people will not be as nice in any way. Ugly will be the act of the day and forget about the police and military putting things back in order, they will be home with their own families especially in a large event, regional or larger...

     When or if things go south you may have little time to collect your family, shopping will be a nightmare, travel will be snarled. Just look at hurricane or storm events to see how hectic things can be. Making even general plans now can save you precious time down the road. Thing happen, pretending they won't is an automatic strike against you that you can not afford.....

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