Cutting our own throats again and again.

     Here in America we have the blessed opportunity to buy almost anything we want and can afford ( wait, the afford part will be good for another story,  Sorry I digress ), we generally buy things we can afford and right now the purse strings are pulled tight, we are in a tight economy or recession/ depression whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is that  we are not doing too well right now.

      Unemployment is in the tank 10, 15 or 20% unemployment in some states, take your pick. Either way we are all pinching pennies as best we can. Our trade gap with China is ever widening as evidenced by the article below. Please take a minute to read the article linked below and then I will have more commentary below.

     The one personal thing that I take away from the above article is that we as Americans are spending what money we do have on foreign goods. I generally like to think of Americans as a smart lot but what this shows me is our stupidity. Everyone seems to want Government to fix the economy, fat chance on that. We have an opportunity to fix it without the Govt, without a new law or some new super duper regulation, it is really simple.

     Why in the world would you want to make the choice between someone in your own country working or
someone in china working over the cost of a product. Is the difference in cost that much? how about that cost of being unemployed, how about the cost of that business having to move or close down because it can't compete due to the over regulation on American companies and no regulation on foreign competitors. It is unfair and non competitive. 

     I would like to challenge everyone to take care of there own first, I know times are tough but by buying American we keep our money here, we keep our jobs here and we will turn this around and add to our manufacturing base. This means more jobs in the U.S. for Americans.

American made products are out there and ready to be bought, the above list is from a quick and fast Google search, keep in mind that you might not have to pay sales tax if you buy something from out of state. Enjoy

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