Disturbing news on the U.N. front, if true.

     I got an E-mail the other day that I will need to check out further but just the premise alone is worthy of a spot here on the blog.  The long and short of the E-mail was that our darling secretary of state Mr. Hillary Clinton has or is giving serious consideration to the signing of the U.N. small arms treaty, I.E. the backdoor way to kill the 2nd amendment. Now by signing this treaty they (the powers that be) would like to eviscerate a fundamental right that we enjoy and that they so fear.

     Well I think that they should fear us, not because we have the means to defend ourselves but because we have the will to do so. I can think of nothing more that would be so blatant of an act against the American public. I have the feeling that if this treaty were to come to fruition we would be looking at open season on the blue helmets. I would imagine that this would make it all the way to the supreme court and it would garner an enormous amount of support on both sides but I would also expect there to be violence before, during and after no matter what the outcome was.

Riot on, keep your head down it would be one hell of a wild ride.

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