Here at prepology.blogspot I do not normally want to rant but I have had a little time to really soak in a wealth of news and information and most of it absolutely sucks. I look at the gulf oil spill and see not only a giant ecological nightmare but also some insight to how screwed we are going to be with respect to our energy sources, Yup we'll shut down our wells and buy from the people who would rather see us dead but are just  happy to laugh their asses off to the bank. ARE WE THIS FU$#%^& STUPID.

Does this look about right? we seem to have an infatuation here lately with screwing ourselves anyway we can. Hell I think more of the world would have respect for us if we were the hard asses that everyone else is, heck we might as well just go ahead and do it.


     Now for these traitors, yes traitors, every single one of them should be hung, shot, drawn and quartered. As the picture to the right depicts is pretty much how it is and they have no problem telling you so, FU%$#&^ lazy, thieving, murdering bastards.
I want to ask any socialist out there how this socialism is going to work, Europe, yeah that is really working for them isn't it, Canada, NOT.

‘The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money’  
So said Margaret Thatcher

     So lets just soak the rich,yeah OK lets screw the people that already pay most of the taxes in the country and employ us, I have a better idea, how about everyone pays their taxes. Right now 70% of taxes are paid by 6.5% of tax payers, yeah that's really fair.  In this country if you work hard you are supposed to be rewarded with the fruits of your labor but it seams like all we do now is punish hard work and hand over our hard earned fruit to someone who does not deserve it or appreciate it. THEFT pure and simple. Overtaxing the rich backfires and we know it, remember the luxury tax. 

I have a novel concept, lets go to the consumption tax so everyone pays equally and reign in this grossly bloated Government. Less Govt, less taxes, less problems. 

      Arizona  thankfully has set the bar that is now being considered in 15 of 16 other states, well good it is about time. Government does not have the balls to deal with it and it is long overdue. If we wanted to get rid of most illegal immigration overnight we need to implement mandatory social security card checks, I.E. some form of E verify, simple, easy and done.Now will it happen? maybe, maybe not. The issue that will bring it to a head is when one of the OTM'S ( other than Mexican ) brings in a dirty bomb of a real nuke and nails our ass. We know that middle eastern men are using the southern border to gain entry the country, How stupid are we? 

Sorry folks, rant off

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