Have a plan

It's here on the beach and if you live or work here you are a little screwed, do you have a plan?

This event will cause many people harm both physically and economically for years to come. If you were directly involved in business that is ocean derived you are going to take a hit, sure down the road as lawsuits are filed and claims are paid you might recover but what about the right now?

Do you have cash reserve? Do you have a place to go if you have to move out of the area? Whats your plan?

This is a disaster for sure and it will be debated to death and then some but for the now lets look at bugging out.  If that is your plan, you should have a general plan that can cover multiple disasters man made or natural.

Having a dedicated vehicle to leave the area in would be nice but in reality we would be bailing out in what we have, our daily driver. ( at least until we win the lottery )
Having our vehicle in tip top shape maintenance wise and a full tank of gas ( or close to it ) would give you a good step up. Do you have some supplies stashed in your vehicle? Maps, GPS, compass. One piece of equipment that I think everyone should have in their vehicle is some form of communications, one of the simplest, easiest and cheapest would be a CB radio. While on the road there is almost always information available on local conditions, knowing what is going on will help you plan your route, remember knowledge is power.

I have always been partial to COBRA radios because they work and can be modified in many ways ( not all mods are legal ). The model shown is a cobra 148 GTL series this comes with 120 channel capability (40 am, 40 upper sideband and 40 lower sideband). The only additional capability I wish this unit had is the weather alert feature, this covers the national weather emergency band and is activated even when the radio is off. In the big world of radios there are more expensive, better and worse but this is a proven radio and there are hundreds of thousands of them out there so they must be doing something right. No matter what you do, add a radio to your bag of tricks.

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