Doom and gloom? Or it's all good?

     It seems that here lately no matter where you look, read or hear that everything is going to hell in a hand basket or that there is not a problem in the world.

     Well for what it is worth in my opinion if you think things are right with the world and rosy then you might be drinking the kool-aid because I just don't see how in the world things are going to work out anywhere or anyplace with the current line of thinking and doing.

We as a people like to get all of our goodies and not have to really pay for them, some of it is our choice and some of it is thrust upon us by state and or federal bureaucracy. We are supposed to have a voice and personal moral obligation  in how things happen but over the years it seems that our voice and good sense have been lost. Now we are paying for it. Our economy is in the tank, we could fix it but we won't, we'll just keep with the status quo and pretend all is well. We can not continue to bleed the amount of  jobs that we are and spend the kind of money that will put us in debt with no possible way out, there just comes a point to where interest eats up all your capital and you default . Cooking the books can only be hidden for so long and I think we have been cooking the books a little.

Stay tuned for a part 2 down the road.  

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