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     Death and taxes, Two things that you can pretty much count on in life. Death hopefully won't come for a long time but your tax rates on the other hand are due to change here come 1 January 2011. These taxes will be the result of the end of the bush tax cuts that we have enjoyed for years. While we will pay more next year we do have a little time to  get what we want for now at the slightly cheaper rate.

Right now is just about the most stupid time to raise taxes in this country. The economy is already in the tank and people are hurting so the good idea is to burden us with more taxes? yeah that will work.
If you have some big ticket items to buy I would do it before the new year and your federal income tax rate goes up because money will be a little tighter after that.

Another bad thing that is starting to circulate around for next year is that with the raising of taxes there is also talk about raising interest rates and some believe that could trigger an economical collapse. Right now all of the numbers look terrible, our debt and out of control spending is going to catch up to us and when this does we will be in deep deep trouble. I am not sure if we will go the way of Greece or not but right now we do have some similarities, states are broke and sooner or later it all comes to a head.

     Bottom line people is that I would stock up on everything and everything you can because next year does not look very good, hell right now does not look good but lets make the best of it until better times come around.

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