U.S. VS. China Battle on Trade

I am down 6K in the market, And I DO NOT CARE.

     Unless you have been living under a rock or deep in your bugout hole you might have heard we have a little tiff with China about trade and it will probably get worse, Good.

So down 6K and I say Good, Why. Simply stated we needed this to happen a very long, long time ago, We have been the suckers of the world for the past 100 years and with respect to china the last 30 at least. Now I am by no means an economist, guru, or any other specialist in the field but from where I sit I know and most everyone should know that we have been getting the short stick when it comes to China trade, Until now. China is being challenged by a president who is beholden to no one and has a business background that very few presidents in recent memory have, Like him or hate him we needed this the cycle to break.

Far too many Americans and businesses do not have the intestinal fortitude to rock the boat, they are perfectly happy to accept the status quo of relations, the idea of this,  lets call it what it is a minor pain is what I am completely happy with in order to get a better long term and fair deal so yes I do not care that I am down 6K.

China needs growth to support it's growing working middle class and this does hurt them both directly and indirectly, there is a lot of noise about who really pays for tariffs, in reality we all do the US and China, the workers and the consumers and yes they are big numbers being thrown around, millions and billions. In the end though at the consumer level they are pretty small and well within our means to absorb and lets be honest you might not even notice it, business will go on as usual and you will still buy "Stuff" that you may not really need in the first place, Think about that.

I saw a massive amount of hate at what happened with the tweets on Friday that sent the markets south and all I could think was everyone getting all upset about their temporary loss and their greed not getting fulfilled, Pissing and moaning about money versus doing what is right and it really goes to show where our priorities have gone in this country for some but not all of the country. The markets go up and they go down and it seems that when it goes down everyone gets riled up especially new traders but in reality it is very healthy for some volatility and it always recovers to new highs, if a deal were signed tomorrow the markets would explode and money would be made and all would be forgotten at least till the net time.

Take care all.

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