Pray for those in Blue tonight, Pray for Dallas.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you tonight. 


Anna bloom said...

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WhatIfWeAllCared? said...

I saw a news article about a group wanting to "abolish police". Apparently this group feels that, IMHO, if people are have better housing, etc, there will no longer be a need for police. They are feeling persecuted and feel their circumstances and environment are to blame.
Blaming the police is not the answer. We have always needed police to deal with the criminal element. We always will.
If we don't like our circumstances or environment it is up to each of us as individuals to change it. And poverty is no excuse for wallowing in a bad situation. As a single parent of an autistic child living well below the poverty level I can say it is possible to completely change your life should you choose to!
Police aren't the problem.
Bad attitudes are.


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