Misc thoughts

A few things I came across:

  • Education does not equal intelligence
  • Intelligence does not come from Education

In my travels throughout this country I can attest to both of the above statements, as for myself I have no idea where I fall either. Maybe somewhere in the middle? I do know one thing though and that is there will always be someone smarter and always someone the lesser, I would like to be the former though.

From my semi-educated side I am one to believe that while history may not in fact exactly repeat itself it sure does a pretty good job of paralleling itself. Having an interest in history on my side has allowed me to see some things in a certain light and that has given me a new appreciation for the old saying or "Ignorance is bliss"
Having said that there are any number of things going on in our country that I wish were not, or at least I wish I did not know about them but me being a searcher of news and info it is unavoidable that these things come to my attention.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't. You would think that with all of our higher education learning facilities we would refrain from the continuation of policies and mistakes that seem to plague us, but in reality all we seem to do is to make up new excuses as to why we need to continue repeating them with the expectation  of a different result. Maybe were too smart for our own good, I have no doubt that far too many things are over thought, Scotty was in my opinion right "The more complicated the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain" This can crossover to many facets of our lives, some of us realize it but many do not and for those of us that do we are often ridiculed out of ignorance and denial.

Solutions? I believe they are out there for me and you but what may be good for the goose may not be good for the gander, many of are highly individualistic and independent and our own solutions may fall out of the norms of society but that does not make it wrong, just different. I try to put decisions not into legal terms but I do keep in mind two things, 1 an I going to pick someones pocket? and 2 Am I going to break someones leg? Thank you Mr. Jefferson.  I think that both of these as applied to life will keep your conscience clean and hold you in good standing with your fellow man but we all know that life is now far more complicated and maybe that is the problem in the first place. We seem to be that victim of our own successes. 

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Ron Russell said...

Education opens doors, but too much education only complicates the obvious---just my thought!

BadVooDooDaddy said...

I agree that there are just some things that are better not to know. Being too informed can sometimes be a hinderence. Having knowledge of things that really matter and that are useful is more important than trying to know everything.


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