Nuff said

Ayn Rand (1905-1982) A woman so far ahead of her time and blessed with such eloquence that many of will never know or ever hold a candle too. The more a person reads of such great people the more we realize how far we are sliding down the evolutionary ladder into the abyss.

One would think that with all the discoveries we have made in technology, medicine and other areas we would have a purpose or a sense of direction to a level of the times but we just do not seem to have a grasp on reality, Only the shiny bright object and the 15 minutes of fame for acts that not so long ago would bring absolute shame, we now have no shame.

Times of the past were far more simple and much more pure, a man worked hard for what he had and a woman worked even harder, Teamwork meant everything, it usually meant the difference between living an honest life or an early miserable grave. Taking things for granted were few and far between, you earned everything you wanted and you did it with pride, not so much these days but few would know as those generations are leaving us as they pass on. That generation with so much wisdom and moral integrity seems to  have not been able to pass on what they learned and we see the results of that  now here  in this country. This country is rapidly sinking further and further into degradation, we are beyond the sewer, destination unknown.

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