Ambassador murdered, Who is guilty?

US Ambassador Christopher Stevens has been killed last night September the 11th, Smothered to  death as some reports are stating, He was murdered inside the walls of a US embassy. This statement should speak volumes on how completely incompetent this administration handles it's foreign affairs, the blood of this Ambassador is directly on it's and the state department's hands, of this I have no Doubt.

How in the world could you have an embassy in a hostile country that is still a form or revolution both politically and militarily not brimming to the teeth with security, Marines. How the hell does an Ambassador get killed without there being a bunch of dead marines surrounding him, how the hell are there not hundreds of of dead, fence jumping, murdering protesters littering the grounds of the embassy, I'll tell you why, it's because there were no Marines there, that can be the only answer, How the HELL, WHY the HELL, My only clear answer to this is that they were ordered to not be there, ther is just no other answer to that, clearly they should have been there, the situation dictates they should have been there, the location Dictates they should have been there, being September the 11th means they should have been there, Having been bombed earlier in the year dictates they should have been there, there are any number of reasons for there to have been a strong contingent of Marine security on station to prevent this.  As I said earlier these murdering    

bastards should be stacked up like cord wood outside the embassy walls right now, shot down from the walls they scaled, there should have been no way for this mob to be able to get to an ambassador, NONE. Clearly there must have been no US security present, the word is that Security was provided by local Libyan security personnel, and reports also have been coming in that they informed the protesters/ murderers as to what building the Ambassador was in. I smell a Rat of the highest order, Here in the US if you are a getaway driver of  an armed robbery and someone is killed and even if you were not the one who pulled the trigger you are just as guilty for that murder, well I hold two people guilty for this murder and for the other three people who lost their lives in this embassy attack. DISGUSTING.
Your president Left and your secretary of state below.  Who is really guilty?

And Who ordered the Marines to not be there?


Craig Cavanaugh said...

All good questions which will never be answered, unfortunately. The media is just as complicit in all this for their lack of covering what's really going on.

Scott R said...

Unfortunately you are correct, it will be swept under the rug soon enough.

Thanks for stopping by Craig

Anonymous said...

He was CIA,just like his two "security" trying to retrieve the surface to air missiles we gave to the terrorist. You'll never hear the true story.


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